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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

My super secret "historical" Apple prediction

There's been a lot of speculation about what's in the big white boxes Apple built outside the Flint Center. Then today I read they have called it a "historic event." The Flint Center, where the Mac was introduced AND those words = something bigger than 2 phones and a watch.

So here's what I'm thinking. Apple's "secret in plain daylight" is its ecosystem. Up until now it was, in a way, somewhat piecemeal. Apple TV? Still a "hobby" albeit a growing one. So what do I think is in the boxes? A bigger, more wholly-realized ecosystem. Imagine Apple devices even more integrated into your daily life.

What I envision is that there's a little house or living room with kitchen or bedroom attached, plus maybe a car sitting in the faux driveway. The goal will be to show how all your Apple devices work into the fabric of your life with a minimum of user effort.

You wake up, HomeKit turns on the lights and starts the toaster and slow cooker with oatmeal. Perhaps the iPad shows ABC News. When you go to work, your music goes with you using CarPlay. When you get home, HealthKit tracks your evening run, and when you return home from your run HomeKit again has an assist. But then you get a call while cooking dinner but your phone is upstairs! No worries, your Mac is there and using Handoff you can answer the phone from your Mac.

And so on. I haven't even mentioned Apple TV, which I think is going to play some role in this as well, possibly a big one. And the wearable. And something else... perhaps.

But the word of today: Ecosystem.

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