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Monday, April 03, 2006

Everything sucks

Oh boy, I'm on a rampage. Here's why RSS, beloved by millions, is crap.

Changes. See, the average moron out there fears change. Our brains crave sameness. Not all the time, because we do like a little variety, but we crave patterns we can understand. Especially if we're going to shatter them to bits.

Case in point: RSS feeds. What reasons are there to change a URL to a feed? I can think of only a couple:
1. Your host is no more, or you wish to change domains for some specific reason
2. You are expanding, and need more feeds to work with.

So why the hell did O'Reilly discontinue their Meerkat service? Who cares? They were decent enough to provide an OPML file with all their feeds, yes? Well, not that I can use. RSSOwl can't make sense of it, putting all the feeds in as folders. Way to go!

Another brilliant example of how these new techs can really suck wind: create something cool, kinda sorta support it, then yank the rug out every 6 months, call that a new beta, and rake in the VC. Oh yeah, who smells that bubble about to pop?

UPDATE: the webmaster for O'Reilly's site helped me out and fixed the OPML content. Thanks Justin, it works great now!

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