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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Shrook is kewl

OK, I noticed on TUAW that Shrook was free. "Big deal" I thought, yet another RSS reader I never heard of giving up the shareware ghost. Out of some morbid curiosity I tried it anyway... it is awesome in so many ways (like a scrapbook and Spotlight connectivity). But there is ONE feature that blows every other RSS reader away: autodiscovery of new feed locations. I'm not talking about new to you, I mean the new location of old feeds. Every other reader I've used so far has just borked the feed, giving me nothing else to go on. Sure, people like Scoble put up the requisite "Please go here now" page, but how lame is that? At least going to will redirect you to (what did that cost you guys?).

Anyway, coupled with online sync and I'm sold. For free! However it's only for Macs. I know you can read it online, but I prefer an app-based approach for now...

I'll post up a full review on DLS next month. Really I want to look at living between work and home with nothing but a flash drive...

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