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Thursday, June 22, 2006

blogging is messy

Yesterday there was a minor event on TUAW. You can read about it here, or go back to the Procrastinatr post and see how it began.

Point is, David made a mistake. It happens every day. Someone once scolded me for a grammar error I did NOT make. I sent him an email, and he responded with much enthusiasm... heh. Well, poopie happens. When my wife waited tables, they had a sign in the back of the restaurant: "We're serving food, not saving lives." Word.

My bigger picture point: he fixed the mistake. See, in main stream media, a "fix" could take days or weeks. In the paper, it's buried inside a section-- who is going to see that? Maybe the guy who corrected my (admittedly) bad grammar (except that time I didn't make a mistake, go figure).

My point: mistake, but corrected within hours, not days (like MSM)

Now I remember back when OJ was speeding down the highways of LA, then-living Peter Jennings supposedly had a "witness" who had a bead on Simpson in the back of the car. Guess what? It was a trick.

Remember the time Dan Rather used fake docs to "nail" Bush? Good times.

Or how about the one where NBC will never again air Rob Smigel's brilliant "Media-opoly" episode of "TV Funhouse."

Yes, there are a great many journalistic atrocities out there. I have a feeling one blogger won't commit the same one twice ;-)

PS- I had another example of how blogging gets messy, is fast, real, dangerous, and sometimes stupid... But after listening to the chaos of the "Vloggercon" TWiT epi, I can't remember it...

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