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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Let's have a war!

Predictably, "Big Gay" Al Qaeda (not a slam on the gay community btw) declared Holy Crap War on everyone this week. Oh, and Israel. They *really* hate Israel, don't they? What took so long to declare Holy Wacko War on Israel, I mean, isn't there a standing order to just kill all the Jews any time, any place?

Just brilliant. Perhaps our limited life spans prevent us from seeing the big picture. If we lived to 200, would we see it? Would our minds finally expand to a point where we really could visualize world peace? Or would we just make longer wars?

At the end of the day, everyone wants something. If we are to persist on this rock, we're going to have to stop killing everyone. Besides, nature can do that for us. And so much easier than all those rockets and bombs. A virus like ebola oughta do the trick (thanks to George Carlin for this idea).

And for the record: who is worse, those who proudly hide in the middle of civilians, hoping to die and kill those around them? Or the ones defending the only democracy in a sea of bigoted, sexist, elitist theocracies? Let's keep things in perspective.

Puts the Calacanis/Rose celebrity deathmatch in perspective, don't it?

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