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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wait, people give a crap about HP?

I just heard HP wanted to plant spies at WSJ and CNet (watch your back Veronica)... This is yet another item on the ongoing "stop the leaks" story that has felled yet another female CEO of the beleagured tech company. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

But my question is: did people really care? I mean, obviously any company has to keep trade secrets, but were folks really chomping at the bit to get HP deets on whatever new laser printer was due this holiday season? Apple, with the secrecy and hotness of the brad, I see the leak issues there... Microsoft, same thing for different reasons (we'd all like to see the entrails of a dinosaur, right?).

But HP??? Paranoia run amok in corporateville. Time for another round of golf... er, strategizing.

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veronica said...

they actually followed her around, and tried to put monitoring software on her computer. it's insane.

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