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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Maxx Steele

Somone please bring back Maxx Steele! I had Verbot, which was like the little cousin of functional robots in the 80's. The dream was that massive Tomy robot, the one who would bring you a beer (I know Omnibot could do that too, but only 2 beers at a time).

Maxx Steele though, was different. Where the Tomy robots were locked-down like an iPod, Maxx Steele had potential. Expansion potential. He actually had a port in his chest that would accomodate expansion modules. Boy, wish someone had exploited that. Maxx was born in a time when plastics weren't as robust as they are now, and manufacturing was a little more primitive. But Maxx was big for a toy, and had a real flashlight, speech, and a big-ass arm that you totally thought might be able to open doors.

Now, Robosapien is great. But he doesn't really do anything practical, does he? I still miss the robot from Rocky IV. Maxx was sort of a bastard cousin to that robot-- but the point was making these things look like robots, and make them DO stuff. Besides, given Maxx's primitive circuits, wouldn't it be easy to bend? Yet I have never been able to find a functioning unit on ebay. *sniff*

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