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Sunday, January 21, 2007

iPhone as gaming device

Steve dangled a pretty tantalizing fruit in front of the Mac faithful the other week. This extends beyond the iPhone (market of 957M units last year) . While quoting the size of the game console market (26M units) was a nice comparison, the Jobs is no dummy. That category gets mushy as "consoles" morph into platforms, thus yielding to growth. Imagine a Playstation 2 chip in a TV. Xbox 360 does IPTV. Share photos on the Wii. You get the idea.

Now picture Sudoku on your iPhone, but beaming the gameplay to your AppleTV. Next, imagine playing co-op games this way (as one does on the DS). Leagues of AppleTV's becoming ad-hoc game servers. One step further, the iPhone can control Mac games. Just how sensitive is that accellerometer SJ?

If Apple is becoming a consumer electronics company, it only stands to reason they will grow into the markets that are making money. It's what a company exists to do-- grow, make money, maximize shareholder value. Game consoles are the first item on the graph, the smallest market in 2006, but it's on there. Don't think the market isn't on Apple's radars somewhere. And don't count them out.

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