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Saturday, March 31, 2007

So what's the deal with Twitter?

Someone asked aloud today: what's the deal with Twitter? I didn't have a witty remark, nor did I have a terse explanation. Twitter has caught afire most likely because the gut reaction among veteran bloggers is that it remnds them of how blogging used to be: instant, real, often visceral. Now blogging has become a game to some, another marketing vector to others. Twitter recaptures some of that old magic-- the personal view.

Plus, there's a lot of fun cramming what you're doing/thinking into 140 characters. That limiting factor brings out the creativity for those of us who still use it. Plus, the "add" feature makes it like an opt-in club for your friends and acquaintances. I'm honored to be included in some of the conversations I'm in-- including Scoble and Sample, Calacanis and Block, Hill and Belmont. All great people (gotta mention Sue as well, who constantly amazes me), all fantastic creators. And all fun to keep up with via Twitter.

Oh, and apparently you can do all this stuff via your phone. But I don't have a trust fund for text messages, so I haven't had the pleasure.

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Kato said...

Twitter is to Blogging as Postcards are to Letters.

Pretty soon there'll be a service just called "T" and it will allow you to send messages no longer than 5 characters long.

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