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Monday, March 19, 2007

Twitter: on ur IT guy's hit list!

Yeah, the alpha dogs picked up on Twitter and between Scoble and sxsw it's just been a huge upward vector from there... Naturally, this latest web fire will be quickly quenched by the sound of a thousand IP's being blocked. In other words, as your company sees your daytime hours spent on Twitter, they'll soon block it. And no doubt productivity will rise, and all will be right with the universe. The Force is balanced!

Actually, since you can SMS your butt off via Twitter (and beware the costs associated with such), I doubt the spigot will be completely turned off-- ever.

I tried to convince my wife to get her friends on Twitter. No luck. I tried to explain how it's like an email list, with a sort of MySpace-like access control. No dice. They "fluff" emails back and forth, and with a list, you can control the list on a granular level. No way to really do that comfortably on Twitter. Still, we're only seeing the very beginnings of the service. I've no doubt there is much to come.

For one thing, Twitter is ripe for a zillion mashups. The best so far seems to be Twittervision (thank you Matt for pointing out the obvious-- the URL). But I could envision tons more. I noticed lead TUAW blogger McNulty is in the top Twitterers on Twitterholic, and TUAW and Download Squad both have Twitter accounts (along with Ars Technica, Techmeme, etc.). Wouldn't it be nice to be able to separate these into business and friends?

Perhaps that is what has us all enthralled... we can't wait to see how this potential is realized.

Now Twitter needs a deal with Nintendo!

UPDATE: uh oh! I broke Twitter... it is down on the mat like Apollo Creed after a couple of rounds with a Russian. And now the Twit-ching begins!

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