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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Keeping an open mind

I'm slowly coming around to accepting Facebook. Not really because of the tech support, but because there are some legit uses. Mostly it's because Scoble decided to put some really good content on there. If the content is compelling, we're wiling to spend the time, aren't we?

And speaking of time, I had a feeling it was only a matter of time before Pirillo learned to enjoy his iPhone. I was sad he had to rant about a product he had zero experience with. While I tend to rant frequently, loudly and incoherently, I at least have the notion that one should know one's enemy before bombing the hell out of them. Chris had a visceral, kneejerk reaction to a product he felt was overhyped. Of course, my redneck friend Trent (soon to join the blogosphere) had no idea what the hell an iPhone was, so everything is relative.

Anyway, it's nice to see Chris actually taking the time to try the thing out. Even if he still hated it, I'm at least glad he gave it a whirl. However, as I suspected, he's really enjoyed the ease-of-use of the thing, and notes that Apple gets the "little things" right-- even if they completely bork the bigger stuff.

So Chris, for the first time in my life I'm going to embed your video, because I applaud your open-mindedness. It's a geek thing.

UPDATE: Well, I tried to embed a YouTube video into Blogger. But apparently Google is too busy with other things to coordinate between their acquisitions. Guys, just make things work when you buy them, ok?

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