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Monday, November 24, 2008

What's old is new again

Finally finished reading "Cartoon Guide to Computer Science," which is actually a great read. It goes into detail on logic gates, binary calculations and the basics of what a computer does to manage memory and process instructions. Of course, this is the foundation. I knew a lot of that stuff, but seeing it again hammers home what you wind up doing in higher languages -- like allocating memory!

In particular, on the iPhone, the concepts of computing from 20 years ago are somewhat relevant again. Lower-powered CPU's and tight memory make designing a challenge.

I also noticed Apple recommends apps be pretty close to single-purpose. My argument is that yes, that's a good idea, but there's a way to pack functionality into an app that doesn't take up a huge footprint AND provides an intuitive, almost magical experience. I'm all about the magic.

So now I'm diving into an antiquated book on Obj-C, plus going back to monkey with Unity. I feel I'm very close to a breakthrough in Unity, which would allow me to create my first app... But Xcode is so darn good I'm bouncing between Idea A and B... I need a clone! Or, an instance of myself...

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