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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

There's magic afoot!

I've been enjoying re-learning the magic I left behind so many years ago. I wish there had never been an interruption in my training, but since I was 99% self-taught (wait, maybe 100%) I eventually dropped it and pursued other things. The next high (college), the next lay, the next adrenaline rush, the next gadget, etc. I feel like I'm waaaay behind other magicians at this point.

I read bios of magicians who are semi-famous and they often say "been practicing since I was 8" and they have this huge library. Well, a few years ago I gave away nearly all my magic to a guy who has now either lost it, sold it or threw it away. He never learned any of the actual routines, or how to use those props. I don't think he's read any of the books, either. Which is a shame.

But c'est la vie. It's a motivator to work harder -- like overcoming some disability. Except mine was called "stupid." You're never too old to learn, and for that I'm thankful.

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