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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

So here's the deal

Both the right and the left are going to continue to spar for a while. The tipping point will likely be when someone says or does something *directly* that is so vile it disenfranchises an entire segment of their support.

Of course, they've tried. Painting Palin as an opportunist may be accurate, but it has largely failed to win anyone to "the other side." They've successfully sold Palin as a success story -- and Americans love a gal who did it her way. Who says you can't make money? That's downright UN-American!

It's also un-American to manipulate the truth. With six words Fox news could end this pointless "birther" crap. Newt has only to say it. A free marketplace of ideas is only free when the ruling class speaks the truth as they know it. We've always had lies in politics, but now there's an entire channel devoted to propagandizing a party line. And that's a little scary.

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deryck said...

I think what's equally frustrating about Fox News being a complete propaganda channel is that sooooo many people lack the ability to see what it is.

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