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Monday, November 15, 2010

Fappin' to the oldies

I love how marketing firms, even those who think they are "new" and "fresh" and "use the social medias all the kids are doin' these days" still wind up falling under the same bus of conventional thought that every organization larger than 3 succumbs to. For example, when you have a meeting or presentation about "The New Role of Blogs" and you have access to a guy who manages a blog with millions of readers but instead delete his comment and focus instead on a PR guy (who, admittedly is quite awesome) alone... well, that's kinda silly, I think. It's the same herd mentality that prevents companies from innovating. They are so wrapped up in their little bubbles they never grok what the outside world is doing. One of the things I've always liked about Apple is that they do NOT do this. To Steve Jobs, design is tantamount. And design is organic when it is done best. It is not a formula, handed down from generations of academics who only live in the world of design (although that world is merely a reflection of the outside so by definition it is NOT a bubble).

Gotta think bigger than PR, my PR friends.

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