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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Innernette is HARD (Update: It really is)

Cooks Source claims to have no clue how to use social media for good, bad or otherwise and claims to have made a "simple" error in plagiarizing the work of an author. Good for them!

Update: To be fair, Cooks Source probably is just a small operation by a team of people who, like it or not, don't understand tech that well, let alone "social media." This is what keeps consultants in business. Also, I feel for them in a way because *we* make mistakes all the time on the web and people never hesitate (never, ever, ever) to call us out on them.

For instance, tonight we published a pic of John Gruber's kid supposedly holding a white iPhone 4. Our author didn't check to see that John has a son (the long hair in the pic made him presume it was a girl but it wouldn't have been that hard to check) nor did he (or myself) check to see if the iPhone really *was* an iPhone, not a toy. It turned out to be a toy.

In the heat of battle shit happens. Anytime I feel like associating evil motives to an innocent screwup without having the benefit of being in the room as people made that decision, I am reminded of our own foibles. None are with ill intent.

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