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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paul Thurrott just called me an idiot

Oh Paul, you love to point out the obvious, pretend it is insightful and call it a day. Much like the middle management at Microsoft, you consider this "a real value" to your customers (in this case, audience).

However, the dude cannot abide your hacky jaunt down Kookooville's aisles with the humdinger you pooped out today, "How Apple Can Fix the iPad in 2011 LULZ 4VR" (emphasis mine and fake).

So I'll make this quick cuz I gots things to do:
1. You're not the CEO of a company like Apple and you never will be. If you think Apple gives a shit about helping the underclass afford an iPad then you may be likely to confuse the Mercedes dealership with a 7-11 or Gas'n'Go. Dunno if you checked, but Apple makes a healthy profit. By shipping "horrible" products, naturally.

2. Blah blah Features, blah blah Extras, blah blah This Ain't Right. Guess what? Me and millions of others have bought and STILL enjoy our "foolish" purchase. We will for a few years yet. Despite not having Ultra-Wide SCSI support, a matte screen and a steely dan attached to our Big touch.

3. Let's go back to profit. If you think Apple is going to create an Everlasting Gobstopper of tech, you should tell us what you did with the real Paul's body. I mean, you DO pay attention to this game, yes?

I suppose your warning was for the cheap readers, or the ones who meticulously pore over spec sheets on the Dell site waiting for that .00001MHz enhancement that'll "totally make the polygons load faster"... Those are people who aren't really users of technology, they are abusers of it. They go for the quick fix or the other extreme: they hold out for something that always eludes them, like some dragon of tech's design, a perfect beast of flight and fire that will solve all of their problems and eat the villagers.

Well, you've made a good living at it so who am I to judge? I just run one of the biggest Apple blogs on the planet, that's all.

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