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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eli Hodapp has an obsession with TUAW's Erica Sadun

I don't know why Eli's obsession with Erica exists. Maybe he's jealous? Maybe he wanted to write for TUAW? But I think it began here:!/hodapp/statuses/2183507799

Well, on Twitter, anyway. We actually have asinine comments left by Eli going back to 2007! Quite the sustained level of hatred in that kid's heart, I tell ya. Sure, you could make a boogeyman of Dick Cheney or Dick Clark or Osama Bin Laden, but why not pick on a mom, a developer and a writer? Because you can!

We actually had to ban him at least once on TUAW. Back when Scott McNulty was editor. Here's a comment he made in 2007:
"Believe me, I'd love to meet Erica in real life." What does THAT mean? Would you physically harm her? That sure sounds like a threat to me.

Continuing harassment here:!/hodapp/status/108980571581067264

Seems weird to obsess for so long over someone just trying to help our readers, but whatever. I know kids like this. They run their mouths and never shut up and refuse to listen to anything other than their lips flapping. Sad, really. Thank goodness journalistic integrity at video game blogs are so low Eli can appear to be Edward R.-fucking Murrow by comparison.

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