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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Modest Proposal

Hire crooks to run the country. It's that simple. We complain that crooks already run the country, and yeah, once in a while some total scumbag comes along and takes a picture of his wiener... well, OK bad example, that's not really criminal... Uh, oh hey, remember the S&L scandal? That's what I mean.

Bernie Madoff, Paul Monea, all those launderers and tax cheats, etc. THOSE guys know how to make a buck. Say China, sign up now and get 5 friends to join and you barely pay anything! See? We could be the Global Grifter we all know we were born to be. I mean, after all, didn't we run off with this country after twisting it out of the steely grip of a King a few hundred years ago?

So it only seems fitting. Some of our greatest icons are criminals. Al Capone, DB Cooper, Aaron Burr -- these guys rock! I'm just saying let's let it all hang out. Really put our criminals where the money is, in government. At least then we can keep an eye on them, and they can keep us all honest.

It's only fair to reward these crooks with the power and loyalty they crave. And it's only right to make America better by making it worse.

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