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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Armchair CEO: Yahoo

Since I'll never, ever be CEO of Yahoo, here's what I'd do if I got the call this week:
- Bolster the products people love, like Flickr and Delicious and make them relevant again. Yes, it can be done. Flickr needs only a few hooks and it'd be better (it's already pretty good) and make it more of an Evernote thing by getting rid of the ridiculous "you'll lose your history" when you stop paying. Be more generous. As for Delicious, the only thing it needs is a much better way of sorting your tags and URLs. I'd essentially rip off circles from Google+ to give ordinary people better control over a cloud-based bookmark system. Oh, and world-class cross-platform apps for both of those services.
- See WTF we can do with Y!M. If it could be made into a Campfire/Skype/Hangout competitor, I'd fast-track that plan ASAP.
- Get back to indexing. Yep. Google and Microsoft can duke it out on the algorithm stage, meanwhile I'd have Yahoo become the "Yellow Pages" of the Internet as it once was. There's a monetization scheme in there as well...

So those are 3 things to start with.

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