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Thursday, September 01, 2011

How cynical?

When Pat Summit revealed she had the early stages of dementia, Knoxville residents decided to wear orange a week or so before football season -- when we usually wear orange on Fridays. It was designed to be a sign of respect and solidarity behind one of our town's citizens. A woman who has not only done great things as a coach, but as a contributory member of our society and our town.

Unfortunately, some folks don't think that's enough. And true, wearing orange won't cure Summit. Just like wearing a pink ribbon won't cure breast cancer or yellow ribbons won't bring the troops home, etc. etc. It's a symbolic gesture. Before you ask yourself, "how cynical can you be?" we already have an answer from Metropulse's newest writer and long-time hater of UT and the Vols.

I mean, why do anything to show solidarity, ever? I plan to scream "PHONY" at the next race for the cure and similar events. Clearly these slackers should be going to med school and getting on that cure business, not running and wearing pink. Clearly.

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