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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The greatest Fark comment ever

Weaver95: I can almost buy the idea that the Republicans are becoming a party dedicated to the idea of a christian theocratic/authoritarian regime change in this country. but the problem there is the crossover with the Ayn Rand cultists who are using the GOP to push their perverted version of capitalism on the rest of the nation. how do you reconcile a bunch of money worshiping Randian cultists with a bunch of theocratic authoritarians? Granted, the prosperity gospel helps out with that but it still doesn't jibe into a coherent message that the Republicans can sell to the unwashed masses.

2012-05-12 01:56:29 PM

Oh, that's easy.

1. Remember that prosperity gospel itself is a perversion of another set of tenets of faith. It might be an interesting exercise for someone to sit down, research the whole "prosperity gospel" thing as it might originally have begun, and compare it to what they're trying to push now. You'll find that the whole thing has been nudged just a little more out of alignment.

2. You're over-thinking what sort of "coherent message" the unwashed masses are being sold. You're trying to assemble a message which actually reconciles the gaping, cavernous disconnect between plutocracy and theocracy when the actual message will fit on a bumpersticker. Consider the oldies-but-goodies: "Stick it to the libs!" "fark them, you got yours!" and "God said it. I believe it. That settles it." It doesn't take much thinking to poke holes in them, but if they were capable of that sort of thought they wouldn't have been sold this bill of goods in the first place.

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