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Monday, February 21, 2005

enough already!

OK people, enough podcasts about podcasting! Gimme a break. Curry, is that all you listen to anymore? Because so many of the "new podcasts" on the main page are frickin' podcasters talking about
1. how to podcast
2. why to podcast
3. what to podcast
4. dissecting other podcasts

woohoo! Why don't we all take our own pics with our camera phones and gaze at them all day? Like Paris Hilton...

Maybe I'm just upset that Sir Adam has yet to acknowledge my own 'cast, but jeez... Some of the ones on the main page are just utterly *useless* to anyone.

But then, that is the nature of the medium at this point. So many are amateurish, pointless, or just plain stupid that they are a waste of time.

Hoping to change all that...

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