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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What's a superpixel?

Well, you could just google for superpixel. When I came up with the name back in 1998 I did a search through Yahoo! and found out that superpixels are like regular pixels, only super.

That's a half-joke.

To me, superpixel was about the freedom of digital technology to push your message/content/creations out into the world as efficiently as possible. Adobe used to push the paperless office, I was pushing the officeless office... With ONE desktop computer you could publish just about any medium. MIT has a whole course designed around "build anything" where grad students use all manner of robotic sculptors, carvers, and plastic vats using X-Rays to create, well, anything.

That's the dream.

In the meanwhile I'm trademarking superpixel for a very specific purpose. There have been a couple of notable copycats, one using the .mac account name (wish I'd thought of that), and two offshore: China and Netherlands. I don't see a lot of conflict there. While at one time I wanted to do nothing but animation and 3d work, I've grown a little beyond that (not to diminish it in the least). Also, I'm no good at writing software. I've tried. So the .mac/China connection can go at that.

More later...

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