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Friday, September 09, 2005

I [heart] robots

Wish I had the time to build them. But I can see, within my kids' lifetime if not mine, a day when robots will coexist with humans. Servants? Perhaps. Phillip Torrone seems to elevate them beyond that, but he's a kook (in the good sense PT).

And there seems to be a robot renaissance, if you will. Maybe it's just because I dropped off the tech scene for a while, but it appears the robot world is really hopping these days. You have more choices now than ever to build your own robots. From battle bots to simple toys (LEGO Mindstorms come to mind), the world is your R2 it seems. The 2nd issue of MAKE mag was dedicated to bots...

Anyhoo, Hackaday has a great post on Dorkbots and Artbots. Good stuff. Someday in the future I will get back into robotics. It combines all the senses.

There's also my crappy little post on the subject over on Download Squad: How to Build Your Own Robot Army. Yipee!

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B.K. said...

What's the point of having a robot army? That totally violates the First Law of Robotics and I don't want to be in a world with robots that use the Zeroth Law. ;)

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