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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another big Apple announcement

Some time today Apple is going to announce some new "pro innovations." So nothing with the letter "i" in front of it.

My bets:

1. A photo-related app, like iPhoto on steroids. BTW, I mentioned this in the comments of another blog (Leander Kahney's I believe) but I think I said it'd be more of a sorting tool. I agree with that it'll be a retouching tool... Just enough not to piss off Adobe. Although we can hear a general sigh from the Elements group no doubt.

2. PowerBooks will have iSights in them, like the iMac recently got. Probably support for DDR2 and PCI-X in the graphics subsystem. Maybe updated video cards too... Possibly something else. 802.11n? That'd be cool...

3. The PowerMacs will see some dual-core dual-processor action. Ye gods, that will be incredible. Might have to get one of those for the company. That would make an amazing machine to work on...

4. Probably some updates to other pro apps... Shake or Motion or Soundtrack. Oh how I wish Apple would make a 3D app...

5. And a Madonna Special Edition Shuffle. Ha.

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