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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jack Thompson is an idiot

There Jack, want to try and send me to jail as well? I saw you on 60 Minutes. First off, 60 Minutes has (lately) been pretty lax in the old judgement department. More and more it's looking like a tabloid. They recently re-ran a story about some for-profit schools under investigation, but neglected to mention (even in postscript) that, as of NOW those schools (all but one) had been exonerated. That's just poor journalism and lazy network programming.

Who is this Jack Thompson, and why is it important to call him names? Well, he is going around running his mouth about violent video games, saying they're corrupting our youth, etc. Remember pool halls? Remember pinball? Remember death metal? Yeah, same song, second verse, could get better, but it's going to get worse. Much worse.

The folks over at Penny Arcade have been criticizing him, and he's been firing back. Today he called the cops to say they are harassing him. He has the balls to say HE was just exercising his 1st amendment rights, but THEY are harassing HIM. Oy. What a moron. That's what we call a logical fallacy Jack. You can't have it both ways.

The best part of the story, the one where Jack's cred goes down the toilet in a flaming bag of poop... Well that's where Jack T. offered to pay $10,000 to a charity if a developer creates a specifically vile and violent video game. Someone did, and Jack recanted. What, you're all tithed out this year, big boy? Very un-Christian of you, tsk tsk. So the Penny Arcade guys decided to pony up the dough to a worthwhile cause. Good for them.

Shame on Jack, a very dull boy indeed. Technology is neither good nor bad, but idiots make it so.

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B.K. said...

I agree. After trying to have the person that made that AIM icon of him being killed arrested, I didn't think he could get any more stupid. Guess I was wrong.

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