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Saturday, November 19, 2005

NBC ain't afraid of no blogs!

Rrrr! Zucker smash blogs!!!

Yeah, well, the new prez of NBC is prattling on about how NBC and the major networks are NOT afraid of big, bad, blogs, or technology, or anything else that might displace them. That death rattle is a long way off. Mostly because they have the money, the equipment, and the built-in social inertia to last indefinitely. I think he's right to a certain extent, but he's underestimating the power of the new technologies. Anyone remember that company that made floppy disks, refused to make a proper high-capacity disk, and was doomed to failure? It's called disruptive technology, and it happens all the time. New technology can completely change an industry.

Case in point: TV. People are starting to download more shows, or just watch stuff online (stuff created by enthusiasts rather than big studios). What I'd like to see is a Hollywood celeb with some vision and nads that'll step up to the plate and become the spokesmodel (so to speak) of the internet boom. Seriously, if ONE big time personality were to come forward and say, "from now on, I'm going to do movies online, and those movies will be free," imagine the repercussions. Not that they have to do it exclusively, but I doubt they'd get any roles in traditional distribution films after making such a stand... Sad, isn't it?

Anyway, you can read Zucker's rant here:
Daily Northwestern - President of NBC speaks on future of network TV

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