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Monday, November 21, 2005

Xbox fanboy site launches

I blog for Weblogs, Inc. too and saw "we" just launched a new blog: Xbox360 fanboy, which looks exhaustingly cool.

Exhausting because I see a LOT of work has gone into it. Cool because I think the 360 is going to be a huge hit, and very swanky. Hell, there's iPod compatibility for crying out loud! Is this a shift at Microsoft? No, but they are embracing some real change in this console. I had been considering a PS3, but with all the nonsense of Sony lately (and if PS3 discs aren't rentable) then it's g'bye Sony, hello Microsoft. And that's something.

Either way I still want a Nintendo Revolution, but that's because I have very small kids and I [heart] Mario.

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B.K. said...

I haven't seen anything on Xbox that interests me yet. I'll definitely get a PS3 after the second or third price drop and the second or third revision. All the games I want to play are going to PS3. I plan to get a Revolution for one reason: emulation. I'm sure that someone will figure out a way to run regular roms on it shortly after the system is launched.

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