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Monday, December 12, 2005

MySpace, one more time

Despite blogging pleas across digg, downloadsquad, here, and myspace itself, I have yet to hear from "Tom." I know someone who says they were once contacted by him in regards to a suggestion. I'm sure if I'd sent a gentle, "hey, what if you could see who has visited your profile" type suggestion he'd have sent me a "yeah, cool."

Instead, I went in with both guns blazing, aiming to take the joint over. I'm more of a Peter Sellers meets Rambo type, not so much Clint Eastwood as the mysterious stranger type...

Anyway, to all the myspace fankids out there, the ones who are absolutely LOVing Myspace right now... It's down! There's a messsage for some saying it'll be down for maintenance-- this morning! Yeah, brilliant.

Look, Tom, or whoever at Myspace, I'm not really trying to bust your balls. But its ridiculous at this point. It's a joke. Seriously, if Kevin Rose at can get things fixed, so can you. I don't know what shackles have been placed upon you by your new corporate overlords (so ironic that Newscrap bought you, given the folks I've found on mysp), but surely you have the authority to at least buy some new servers once in a while, yes?

Then again, if you have a winning formula, even if it's crap, why change right? Yeah, that's just what American car makers said back in the 70's. We all know how that song ended.

Anyone out there want to make a networking site and convince some artists/actors to join in the fun? The only thing I see myspace offering that couldn't be whipped up with Yahoo360 or some other sites (rolled together): celebrity sightings. Not that they are all really who they say they are. My "Nora Jones" friend isn't really her. DUH! But the 14 emo's don't know these things, do they?

I suppose Tom can just wait for all this to blow over. No doubt Myspace 2.0 is just waiting in the wings... Here's hoping.

That's all the time I have for it though, on to bigger and seriously better things.

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B.K. said...

My Space: The Movie.

I thought you might get a laugh out of that.

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