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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

On Dvorak

So here's my confession: I respect John C. Dvorak. Why not? He's been around long enough to witness much of the most accelerated portion of computer history. He's an inside man in some regards, and clueless in others. That's what makes him such a fun pundit. Personally, I find his curmudgeony demeanor and candor refreshing. Much of tech blabber has begun to take the shape of faceless reportage or ignorant fools. But maybe I just like the PT Barnum in him.

Anyway, if you think John is a total dope, listen to TWiT #38 from Macworld. (I was there, woohoo)

John talks about the Osborne effect, and he cites an earlier, even more potent example of the effect. John remembers this stuff and I can't remember where I put my glasses. But then I have a sneaking suspicion my college days were more like Leo's than John's...

Oh, the pic isn't meant to be offensive or placing John on a pedestal. I'm not a Dvorak fanboy by any means, and would love to take the guy in a debate some day... It came to mind when Leo said John looked like a priest. Why not a pope of tech? Although benevolence would be needed...

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