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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Proof of laziness

Want proof mainstream media doesn't eat what it kills? Take the recent barrage of news stories on MySpace. It's evil, it's scary, your teen daughter has cheesecake pics on there with pedophiles asking her for an address...

Yet amidst all this, no mention of many of the unique features (one story caught the true evolution, from friends to music to friends and music). But really absent: no mention of the crappy user experience. Not even as a side joke. What, these reporters weren't getting any "Sorry this profile has been disabled for maintenance" or "MySpace is totally hosed right now, bugger off." I find this hard to believe. If these guys had really used MySpace, for any length of appreciable time, they would have realized that's a joke everyone on there shares-- lots of downtime.

And yet we still go, because it's where all our friends are. Like that smelly dive we all used to go to back in college. It was run down, but it was ours. I'm a little old to be saying that about MySpace.

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veronica said...

what... MySpace isn't an evil Katamari ball that's devouring the Universe??

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