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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Job #1: Pay people

One of the best things about working for Weblogs Inc, even as a blogger "back in the day" was that I always knew I'd get paid. I don't know where Calacanis learned this trick (I think he spilled it on his blog once, and it may be related to his dad's restaurant/entrepreneurial spirit), but it is a valuable one for anyone running a business.

So here's what I wonder... How is it that NBC/Universal will NOT do electronic funds transfer to contractors? How is it that my wife still hasn't been paid for work she did in June? She continues to work, unpaid, through July, and now August. And why is it that the accounting department at NBC is totally unwilling to even SPEAK to a certain vice-president of another, newly-acquired division on this matter?

I used to think NBC was pretty amazing. Jack Welch was supposed to have transformed the company of GE, which is over NBC, but I guess those lessons of execution must be re-learned every so often, huh?

It is absolutely reprehensible when you are a multi-billion dollar company, and can't get my wife her pathetically small (for her workload) check on time, or even close to it. Bad enough you don't pay any of her pals enough... Despicable, wrong, stupid, and I have had enough. She has shed tears over this, it has caused a lot of stress in the house, and I am willing to make them pay for these damages to our family. Only their stupidity and lack of response keeps our money out of our account. Quite frankly, this is terribly wrong.

If anyone knows a good lawyer in NYC who is willing to talk about this, let me know. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more!!!

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