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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sean Bonner is the man!

I have ranted and railed against Myspace before. Not just on Download Squad, but I think on this blog, and definitely on my Myspace blog itself. I even went through about a zillion hoops to send Mr. Tom (as his army of servants like to call him) a message: I will fix Myspace for free... But Myspace isn't interested in fixing things. Far from it...

1. Myspace makes more money the more pageviews it serves up. There is NO incentive for them to make things easy, or done in less clicks. Abomination of UI? Oh yeah, and Mr. Tom is laughing all the way to his Wayne Manor.

2. Kids like to think they are smart. And since Myspace is sorta hackable (in the loosest, creepiest sense of the word), and sorta confusing, and sorta doesn't work part of the time, the kiddos love it. See, they like to think it's "underground" because it doesn't work, or they can halfass hack it, etc. Just playing around in it makes one feel dirty. Kids like dirt!

3. Porn. Well, most of that's gone, but those Tru ads are close (some even feature real porn stars, as one fellow pointed out). And we're all still aware that Myspace is a great place to hook up. Whether with old friends, fake friends or whatever, the critical mass is now there, and all those old peeps are hanging out there.

But the best missive on Myspace to date must be Sean Bonner's quick little rant called MySpace can eat a bag of dick. The title says it all, but it's worth a read.

New rant
Now while we're on this rant about usability, I must take a moment to slam VOX, whatever that is... Oh, it's a blogging platform! How novel! While I'd love to agree with Sean, even offer my limited perspective, I can't. Why not? Apparently only the "cool" kids are allowed to do such a thing. That's bullshit, and here's why...

At the bottom of the comments (9 cool kids so far are in the club), there's a big "Want to post a comment?" Oh yes master, may I? So I go to "sign in," expecting a Wordpress-style verification process. Nope. This is Web 2.0 baby, and if Google has taught us anything it is this-- never do a proper launch. Now I'm waiting for some fucking invite or pass or special grant from the Pope so I can leave a COMMENT ON A BLOG POST! That is asinine.

So VOX, go eat a bag of dick. By the time I have forgotten about this mess I'm sure I'll have my special cool kids pass, and I'll be over the whole mess. Way to piss off a potential customer (or do they even try to make money? that's so web 1.0)...

QUICK UPDATE: In my haste to try and comment, I didn't fully read the asinine ad copy on the "sign up" page (don't call it that if you can't really sign up gang). Check this bit of pompousness out:
Vox is asking questions and getting answers. Vox is blogging for the rest of us. Vox is hott. Vox is learning something new about your best friends. Oh there's more, but I won't bore you with it. I thought Apple had a cooler-than-thou attitude. Jeez, could they not afford the VOX copy team?

And at the end: Vox is sending out invitations every week.

Whoopdidoo! I could care less, but then I'd be brain dead.


veronica said...

A lot of good bloggers are abandoning their nice Wordpress/Blogger/TypePad accounts and sites for Vox. I don't get it. Seems like a fad to me, but then again... I never got an invite. Dammit!

_victor said...

Once I discovered who created VOX I was a little perplexed... It is a fad, like all these things. Electro-dust in the wind... Now I'm going to get on a backchannel IM and *really* lay into the service!

Oh, and I got an invite :P

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