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Monday, August 28, 2006

Katrina anniversary...

Having been to New Orleans for 4 years in a row, and totally falling in love with the lazy, swampy, beautiful city, I have to say it saddens me to see the media grope for another "killer storm" to write about. There are real stories out there. Ernesto isn't really one of them. Yes, it's a possibility it'll strengthen and hit Miami. There's also a chance N.O. will get hit bad this year.

But that's no reason for sensationalizing the weather. I am reminded of a Hunter S. Thompson article from the 80's, wherein a certain NOAA weather chief down in Florida suddenly became point man for the coast. With elaborate detail, they would show the newfangled computer-based radar, and how killer storms would devour us all.

And Hugo, and Katrina later, and we struggle on.

Best part though was hearing about some stories of life trying to restart anew. Our nation has failed miserably on this one, but it's good to see the American spirit living on... How many would move back 100 years ago?

For more: NPR's page on Katrina's anniversary

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