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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I've been called worse

So a digg'er posted something about Weblogs bloggers working hard to "game" digg. I'm on the list (I'm superpixel on digg-- DUH) as a "spammer." Well, I'm going to have to say, in my defense, this is bullshit.

1. Yes, we (bloggers) talk to each other. GASP! Co-workers consorting!
2. I don't just digg Weblogs stories. Granted, my recent history says otherwise (within the past 2 months), only because I haven't had time to mess around on digg. That's because I have kids, I teach a night class, and work with a family business. Only a certain, relatively fringe group of people in this country have time to OCD on digg with such fervor as Mr. Netscapesux does. I would suggest volunteering at a local shelter or hospital. That energy could be put to much better use.
3. AOL doesn't tell our bloggers to post to digg. Obviously it's nice to increase traffic. But this guy is spreading lies by saying:

- AOL bloggers digg every post. FALSE: I have turned down digg's because the content wasn't original enough. We generate hundreds of posts a day, only a fraction of those need be on social bookmarking sites
- AOL bloggers consort to game the system. FALSE: our bloggers have free will
- AOL bloggers are bots. FALSE: these are real people.

The post in question (that I dugg) was about the Saints. And it was a cool thing that one of our very best bloggers poured his heart into. Mike S. had to run from Katrina, and only recently began blogging again... And this is the thanks he gets. Way to go digg community! In my house we call this "showing your ass."

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