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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The day the web came home

Dvorak stripping
I often play the role of disgruntled Mr. Consumerican on here. Part of that I derive from my "better half," who really is a very typical tech "user." By that I mean an average person who happens to interface with popular technology. She loves her Mac, but is frustrated when it runs IE 5 dog slow (Crossover X where are you?).

Anyway, I complain a lot. About every damn thing known to man. I started a Vox blog just to complain about stuff I'd like to keep private time-to-time. I guess I have the need to vent, plus, I have somewhat lowbrow expectations of customer service.

But the web companies of late have learned a thing or two about customer service. Amazon does a superb job. Yahoo called me back today, explaining we had indeed received our blue plate special credit thingy. I have to call another number to complain about hosting, but I won't bother. And somehow Jot came in from last place with a grand finish-- Jim wrote me back.

Yes, no doubt I was just another bitchy-ass, whiny, moaning, jerk customer. It's a terrible habit, like spitting while you smoke. I try to be nice, really, but dammit don't read from a script! Anyway, Jim was super, and said they monkeyed with the code and to see if things worked faster. They do. Home run. Thank you, Jim.

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