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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

JotSpot - when will the suckiness end?

When digg and Myspace saw memberships climbing exponentially, they had problems. Granted, these are the problems a business person loves: people love your product so much they are breaking down the door to get to it. Users who went to digg might have had strange errors, or just wackiness. Myspace, well, we all know how crappy the experience gets on there...

But JotSpot (or my new term for them: JotSTOP) doesn't have that excuse. They may have a lot of users, but I would guess they haven't seen traffic take off like a rocket-- certainly no where near the level of my examples.

So when they rolled out these big new changes, I expected things to be a little twitchy. Newness is always difficult to wrangle in technology. Ask the poor saps with airbags in the 50's, or the Engadget crew (although those coders know their shizzie). I did not expect JotSpot to come to a screeching halt.

I use JotSpot every single day of the week. Maybe once a week I don't, but for my job, it is a neccessity. So it has been incredibly difficult to DO my job lately, because Jot's changed have completely fubared the functionality. SLOW is the word. Every click is an exercise in waiting. It's like being on dial-up and trying to order a movie on the iTunes store. This affects almost everyone I work with as well...

So every day I'm sending a little note to the "Help" guy, Jim, to see what's up. One week in, I have no repsonses. Pretty crappy, if you ask me. Get it together Jot, or get lost. I'm already looking at alternatives...

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