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Sunday, September 17, 2006

No one said sales was easy...

It took a long time for the iPod to achieve critical mass. I mean, considering it's a closed system from a company that nearly disappeared entirely..
Well it's been more than 2 years since I made this iPod case from a milk jug, and I still don't have a fancy-schmancy video iPod to create another. But I did make a darn nifty leather iPod case for ALL models of the iPod but the shuffles. My nano cases are modular, and the 1G-5G cases are clever, but hard to explain. So through the magic of YouTube, here's my pitch:

Trouble is, we have a bunch of old model stock still in. Because I came up with my jug version as the cottage industry surrounding the iPod was on the ascendency. NOW you can't swing a dead junebug without hitting some "newfangled" iPod case. Makes our clever design harder to spot in a crowd. Oh, except that you won't be straining your neck/back to use the thing. Really, it's very simple and easy. And made of llama leather. How many cases can say that?

Please buy one (^_^)

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