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Thursday, September 14, 2006

there's only one show on TV

I had considered watching 'Grey's Anatomy' after everyone started raving about it but... the lead is named McDreamy. WHAT? Seriously, that is asinine. I haven't laughed so hard since I heard them say "Electric Nachos" in that craptastic 'Daredevil' movie...

There's only one show for me worth watching: 'Lost'

Great mythology, incredible characters (and acting), wonderful story arcs, and to top it off, some brilliant technical work (editing, sound, cinematography). It has the whole package. My wife and I talked about whether it would be better on something like HBO, so there were no commercials. But honestly, I like it without the vulgarity and whatnot. I mean, I'm all for vulgarity-- when appropriate. How are you going to take Tony Soprano seriously if he's saying "I'm gonna frig you up, you motherfather'in snigglebunny!"

But the constraints of network TV have really helped Lost IMHO.

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B.K. said...

Watch House on Fox. The previews of it make it seem like another generic hospital drama, but it has some of the best characters and writing on tv right now.

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