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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why "site wars" are asinine

Well my previous post was a little too ebullient for a curmudgeon like myself, so here's a little snark for the day...

Download Squad found this really cool ftp search engine:

It crawls ftp sites for all manner of files, which is creepy AND cool.

Now here's the fun part. As you all know, there's an ongoing "war" between the diggites and Netscapians. Netscape supposedly "copied" the digg model (and added turbo-cooling, but diggites are too fond of truthiness to point out the diff), in the same way every other car maker copied Henry Ford... So now really great stuff isn't making it to the front page, ONLY because it is a Weblogs, Inc./AOL property.

Gegereka is caught in the middle. IMHO, diggites would love the search engine (I mean, aren't they all music-stealing porn addicts anyway?). But on digg it gets 11 votes as of right now, and on Netscape it has 18. Prejudice? Gaming? Hatred, blind and stupid? Bingo.

The internets are all about openness and equality, not hating and xenophobia. Get a clue dudes.

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