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Monday, October 16, 2006

Behold the power of ebay!

I truly believe ebay is being crushed by its own weight. Not Myspace problems, like bad code propogating among crappy servers, or digg problems, like trolls, but popularity problems and the issue of too much choice. Case in point: a man sold an xmas gift for only $450...

The "gift" in question? One of those TMX Elmo's, delivered by Santa himself. Well, the guy dressed as Santa. The bids were supposed to cover travel expenses, but unless he can catch a train, I'd say he's screwed. WTF? $450 for a personal visit by Santa to deliver the hottest toy of the year?

Try selling something basic on ebay. You're likely to not even get any bids at all. We were early adopters of the whole ebay thing, and have sold everything from toys, clothes, a Canon XL1, and even a Ford Galaxie... and yes, there is still opportunity and capability in ebay. Unfortunately, for the average dork, it's still a crap shoot. How is this not online gambling?

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