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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Digital distro

You know, it amazes me. Digital distribution of media is totally viable. Yet we're still chopping down trees to make tech mags. Hopefully the new ebook readers coming out this season (or the next, I'm eternally optimistic) will help with that. Of course, in typical fashion, I'm sure the library of MEDIA isn't lined up.

In other words, Sony and others will magically appear with these readers, there will be content for them, but it won't be like the iTunes store... it'll feature 200% more suck, and never be open in any real form. Sure, people like Torrone will hack it, force-feeding it hand-wrought XML to display RSS feeds or video (snicker), but the average jackass won't buy into them. Yet.

Now, if these boneheads would go out and forge some REAL connections in the industry, as Apple did when they launched iTMS, then you'd see some traction. WSK, NYT, etc. will be available, sure, but what about the latest romance novels or Weekly World News? You offer those, the masses will appear in droves. Seriously.

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