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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fsck you Sony!

Wow. I was jazzed about possibly being able to somehow justify a Nintendo DS. I don't have video iPod, so I was going to get the Lik-Sang distributed MPEG player for Nintendo gear... Until Sony-EFFIN-Stupidco ruined it. Their heavy-handed tactics (all in the name of "good for the consumer" naturally) has put Lik-Sang out of business.

Here I hated Sony bad enough. To take such a wonderful company down such a terrible path these last few years has been bad. But to piss, shit, throw gas on us and light us all on fire like this? WOW. I haven't seen this kind of arrogance from a company-- EVER. Microsoft looks like Bare Bones software, and McArthy looks like Jerry Brown compared to Sony. Just unbelievable.

Here's hoping we won't ever hear from them again. BOOOO!

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B.K. said...

I know. I haven't used Lik-Sang before, but it sucks that Sony killed them. It sucks to lose a supposedly reliable site like that. Sony is more evil than Mircosoft, Wal-Mart, and Google combined.

Play Asia has the video player in stock too. I've used them before. They're reliable, but I don't know if they're more expensive than Lik-Sang was.

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