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Friday, October 27, 2006

Operate Your Own Tokamak Reactor!

Aka: The Internet as Plasma

OK, I stumbled upon this cool Tokamak Reactor sim that lets you play scientist, trying to make plasma (as in, physics plasma, not the blood type). And I was thinking of the internet as a plasma.

"Plasmas are conductive assemblies of charged particles, neutrals and fields that exhibit collective effects. Further, plasmas carry electrical currents and generate magnetic fields." --Perspectives on Plasmas from

Internet phenoms like Google are steady-state hotspots, a little cyclical, but trending upwards right now. Like a hotspot on the Sun. Still, there's a lot of matter there in the Sun, that big ball of plasma, but it's so big and energized, good luck keeping it all straight (like our slow friend Solid matter).

Does that mean finally understanding chaos will enable us to predict the success of poor Ginger, out there, alone as a little ball of energized electrons? I hope so.

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