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Monday, October 30, 2006

Music feeds the sould and drains the wallet

Something caught my eye in these "killer" apps-- a deluxe version of the media player that ships with Palms. It costs $34.95, just so you can play PlaysForSure DRM'ed music. So... you pay $5 a month for Yahoo music (will this play on Zune?), and $34.95 to listen to it on your Palm? How nickel-and-dime is that? It's like a bully shaking you down for lunch money.

I'm still dying to get a PC (or convert this VAIO) set up to digitalize my old analog collection. Really I want a total analog-to-digital converter, something I've lusted after for years. I've cobbled together dozens of cheap attempts. Something like a Plusdeck for cassettes, preamp for vinyl (plus a sweet table, but that's a dream, eh?), video inputs, etc... It's gotta be cheap to do this now, but a few years ago it was outrageous.

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Zune plays only non-DRM music files or DRMed from the Zune Marketplace.

You can also buy one song at a time or get a per month subscription which allows you unlimited downloading from the 2 million files available (of course you must have an active subscription always).

As for the analog music files you have, I am not an expert but even a low cost pc can do the job with excelent results.


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