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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I want to fix everything

Perhaps this is why I "get" Jack's character on Lost. I get his obsessive-compulsive nature, his "issues," and whatnot. I'm right there with him: I have an incessant desire to "fix" things.

This serves one well in technology, but is frustrating on a granular level.

Today has been particularly frustrating. iPods acting up, Macs acting up, PC's acting up, kids... well, they're being little angels, bless 'em.

So my question is, where's all the self-healing tech we were promised? Never mind the flying cars, I can't imagine the carnage.

Now where's my vinyl copy of Weird Al's "One of those Days"...?

Fixes to follow :)

Note: And as I tried to publish this from my handy Blogger widget, it too failed. As Burt Mulligan (from Soap) would say, "I'm outta here!"

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