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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Casio, keyboards and watches and cameras, oh my

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I love this camera. The Casio Exilim Z60. Not really the best camera in the world, as anything less than full flash or full sun pics and you'll see some soft focus due to software trying boost the dark areas (grainy gain issues).

But for a total feature nerd, this thing is gold. Not platinum, mind you. I did research on what was reasonably priced. I consider this camera NOT being a Sony a feature... It isn't wireless either, something I'll lament when battery life gets better for those. The Casio sports an obscene battery life for such a tiny battery, but I guess we have the iPod to thank for that, eh?

At any rate, this little gem has some unique items:
- video records standard-def TV 30 fps, which is great for me, as I'd like to use this as a backup video camera
- "best shot" modes simplifies some settings and post-processing on my end
- some of these best shots have a cool trick...
--ebay shot mode enhances detail (sharpness), and cranks down to 2 MP (instead of 6), so alls I got to do is upload to my online drive and link
--old photo mode "fixes" old photos
--(my fave) business card and whiteboard modes include an automatic corrector for perspective, flattening and straightening lines. You can use this to scan stuff, since you have the resolution, you could even use OCR software to transfer this to editable docs. You really have to see this to believe it. But I'll never have to worry about losing another business card!

All this the size of my old 20 GB iPod. Super compact. And to top it off, you go from startup to flash pic with autofocus in less than 2 seconds. WAY less. It rocks, and super for those hip-shots and candid pics I like to grab (a 2.5" viewer on the back doesn't hurt).

Besides, what geek didn't grow up wanting a Casio? Maybe that was just me. Damn you Service Merchandise!

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