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Friday, January 05, 2007

Missed out on Middle School? Visit digg

I think the title says it all. I have noticed a serious degradation in the quality (but certainly not quantity) of the massmind over on Comments have reached an all-time low in terms of juvenile behavior, reminiscent of the High Troll Days of Slashdot. Maybe it's a measure of success, maybe digg'ers wear their immaturity as a badge of honor, I dunno... But it's just a little sad IMHO. Also makes it quite distracting, and possibly a limiting factor in their continued growth. As they reach peak traffic, and mature into a known entity to the "average" person, the snarky stupid stuff is going to be a major turnoff.

You know, it isn't even snarky. A lot of the comments I'm seeing are devoid of cleverness, and you have to be clever to be snarky.

Plus, you're seeing a lot of dupes, old stuff, splogs, etc. Hm, wonder if digg needs an editorial layer? ;-)

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