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Friday, February 23, 2007

Apple needs to love the Cisco

Interesting analysis. Now I want you kids to play nice. We all know someone else really makes Apple's Airport Extreme Base Station (to the extreeeeeme-- except data transfer rates or QOS, naturally). So please, Apple, if you give a damn about quality over polish, or if you'd like to have both, let Cisco build the guts of your base stations. Hell, let 'em put their product in all your networking geegaws. I've always been impressed with Cisco's smaller fare (never mind the big stuff). We got a Cisco wireless router at my old job that went through walls of concrete and steel, hundreds of feet-- literally where no router had gone before.

C'mon Apple, remember when you used to care about quality? Before you started making keyboards that sucked (you know how the letters rub off after a week?), plastics that REALLY suck (yes, I know the difference between polycarbonates-- my dad works in the biz), and sourced cheapo components that would make a Dell supplier blush?

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